Mining Maze
- Get a big treasure box! -

ZTQ Games

  • Platform WEB
  • Game Leisure
  • Age G-rated
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Game introduction

Today, our happy animal friends are embarking on another adventure.
The reason? They've stumbled upon a treasure map!~
Everyone is excited about the idea of finding the treasure. ^^

Let's all come together and lend a hand to ensure our animal friends succeed in their treasure hunt~ ^^

[Game Features]
* Easy Controls - Enjoyable for everyone with its simple and intuitive controls.
* Diverse Difficulty Levels - Prepare to awaken your brain and experience a range of engaging maze puzzles with varying levels of challenge.
* Maze of the Day - Compete with friends from around the world through daily time attack records.
* PvP - Engage in thrilling real-time battles against friends from across the globe to showcase your skills.

[Game Instructions]
* Move to your desired location by dragging the screen.
* Strengthen your abilities through upgrades.
* Defeat monsters by acquiring weapons first.
* Utilize items for faster maze clearing.
* Earn more stars by clearing the maze within the time limit.