Claw Machine
- Catch! The Friends -

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  • Age G-rated
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Claw Machine

Collection of 10,000 generative animals inspired
by the Photon Space universe

  • Leo
  • Haru
  • Tina
  • Kort
  • Asha
  • Caty
  • Baloo
  • Tina
  • Nomi
  • Mica
  • Leo
  • Baloo
  • Leo
  • Haru
  • Tina
  • Kort
  • Asha
  • Caty
  • Baloo
  • Tina
  • Nomi
  • Mica
  • Leo
  • Baloo

Background Story

Chapter 01


In 2023, it was devastated by climate change on Earth, making it impossible for humans to live.
In order to find a new planet, each country holds talks and starts looking for suitable people who can adapt to the universe.
Twelve people selected as suitable people all over the world boarded a spaceship equipped with a sleeping device,and fell into a deep sleep without knowing that eternity of time had passed.
Not knowing how much time passed... The AI built into the spaceship discovered a habitable planet for humans and began waking up the 12 people who had fallen asleep.

Chapter 02


Upon waking up, the 12 people were mesmerized by the sight in front of their eyes.
A vast universe, a beautiful galaxy, a group of small planets full of characteristic And a lot of cute creatures that was living on each planet.
Full of curiosity and hope, humans attempted to land on an asteroid in front of their eyes.
The asteroid was peaceful, like a fairy tale world, with mild weather, gentle wind from the fields, and the sound of birds chirping in the trees.
As they looked around for a while, a dainty creature gradually appeared from the top of the hill, starting with its ears, and waddled closer.
Surprisingly, humans and cute creatures were able to understand each other, and they felt so happy as if they met old friends.
The first creature they met introduced himself as Nomi, and it was apparently a rabbit.
Nomi led the humans to go see more animal friends on this planet.

Chapter 03


Nomi arrived at the hill in front of the village, turned on the loudspeaker, and shouted all over the place. Hearing the sound, the animals who were absorbed in the claw machine have gathered.
The animal friends each introduced themselves. Ed, Tina, Caty, Haru , Nomi, Mica, Leo, Asha, Kort , Baloo…
Perhaps because they were happy to meet new friends, the animal friends couldn't control their joy and danced and sang together.
Nomi brought refreshments to the people while they were having a good time greeting their animal friends.
While eating refreshments and drinking tea, the 12 people were surprised to discover their reflections in the teacup by chance.
Suddenly, they began to change into the figures of the animals they were talking with, and they began to assimilate into the planet.

Chapter 04


Animal friends gathered in front of the embarrassed 12 people, and Nomi slowly started talking.
This is a universe called Photon Space, and it is said that there are three beings that maintain balance.
Aurora the cat, Wiki the dog, and Nova the stingray govern their respective galaxies, and the three galaxies have different roles and coexist with each other to maintain the balance of Photon Space.
'Aurora Hunt' is ruled by Aurora, a cat who loves to hunt.
'Random Wikibox' ruled by a dog wiki that loves to talk.
'Nova Hatcher' is run by Nova, a stingray who likes to travel and buy and sell.
A total of 3 galaxies have different personalities.
Aurora likes to hunt, so it is said that they can mine goods through hunting while traveling around various planets in the Aurora Galaxy.
Wiki likes to rest and talk, so it is said that you can get a lot of information by talking about animals staying in the wiki galaxy, resting, and talking all night long.
Since Nova is a wandering property dealer who travels all over the universe, it is said that all objects exist in the Nova galaxy.

Chapter 05


By the end of the story, humans finally heard the name of the planet they landed on.
The name of the planet was a Claw machine, a planet that mines money from claw machines. Many animals enjoyed mining because it was a simple method.
The 12 people were assimilating into the Claw Machine planet and becoming animals, and their first story was beginning.

Go Mint

  • Total Issuance: 10,000

    [Minting 8,500 + Team 1,500]

  • Wallet: MetaMask

1st Round

Pieces 500

sold out

2nd Round

WL Only

  • Start 2023/10/10
    10:00 (UTC)

    End TBA

  • WhoEveryone
  • Price

    0.03 ETH

  • Minting Quantity2,000
  • Limit1 pc per transaction

3rd Round

Public Minting

  • Start TBA

    End TBA

  • WhoEveryone
  • Price

    0.05 ETH

  • Minting Quantity3,000
  • Limit1 pc per transaction

4th Round

Pieces 3,000

sold out


2023’ 02

  • NFT Minting

2023’ 03

  • Claw Machine CBT open
  • Updating In-game abilities when holding NFTs
  • Animal Collector Encyclopedia updated

2023’ 04

  • Claw Machine OBT open
  • Open individual ranking match system
  • Hidden NFT effect open

2023’ 06

  • 30 character & map updates
  • Open group ranking system

2023 3Q & 4Q

  • 100 characters & maps updated

NFT Holder Benefits

  • Access to colleting Claw Machine's 'CAT'. Primarily collecting amount is proportional to the number of NFTs
  • Apply effects for each character in-game.
  • NFT holders can pre-collect during CBT
  • Various goods using Claw Machine character IP are provided by lottery.
  • Permanent 20% discount coupon for Claw Machine goods.
  • Providing whitelists for P2E game NFTs on the AuroraHunt platform
  • Providing special effects on platforms that will be launched in Photon Space ecosystem.
  • Providing whitelists of Node NFT after Photon Space mainnet launched.

Animal Collector



Increased Acquisition: EXP



Increased Acquisition: Gems



Increased Acquisition: Gold



Boost Item Activation Probability: Come out, Friends!



Boost Item Activation Probability: Random Item



Boost Item Activation Probability: Quick Unlock!



Shop Purchase Additional bonus: Gems, Gold



Time Reduction: Capsule Opening



Boost Item Activation Probability: Double the Items!



Daily Login Reward: Gems

NFT Stacking Effect

Character Effect 1 Unit 2 3 4 5
MICA Shop Purchase Additional bonus: Gems 1 2.5 4.5 7 10 %
Shop Purchase Additional bonus: Gold 2 5 9 14 20 %
ED Increased Acquisition: EXP 5 10 18 30 50 %
NOMI Increased Acquisition: Gems 5 10 18 30 50 %
CATY Increased Acquisition: Gold 5 10 18 30 50 %
TINA Boost Item Activation Probability: Come out, Friends! 8 16 26 37 50 %
LEO Boost Item Activation Probability: Random Item 8 16 26 37 50 %
HARU Boost Item Activation Probability: Quick Unlock! 10 22 36 56 80 %
KORT Boost Item Activation Probability: Double the Items! 8 16 26 37 50 %
ASHA Time Reduction: Capsule Opening 10 25 45 70 100 sec.
BALOO Daily Login Reward: Gems 5 10 18 30 50 Units


  • When all 10 types of each character are collected, the Collector Encyclopedia is completed
    [Claw Machine NFT 1EA Random Payment]
  • When 4 NFTs with the same ones place are collected, the Poker Encyclopedia is completed
    [10% increase in the sum of the 4 collected amounts]
  • NFTs with special parts complete the special encyclopedia
    [20% increase in the amount of individual NFTs collected]
  • Updated hidden synergy of NFTs
    [When synergy is achieved, their amount of collecting increases by 10%]
  • Updated hidden synergy of parts
    [add 30% of corresponding NFT collecting amount + providing maze finding NFT 1EA]
    Example) Angel Head + Angel Wings + Angel Clothes + Angel Background



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Game introduction

Welcome to the daily lives of happy animal friends today!
Cute, active, pretty, and cool friends are with us!
Play the claw machine game and get some animals.
Let's peek out their daily lives!


Claw Machine with Cute Animal Friends - Features of Catch The Freinds!!!!


[ One! It's easy to manipulate ]


Move the stick and lower the tongs so you can pick up what you want!
Animal friends and various things can come out from the capsule!
Let's just pick something up! Haha


[ Two! Gather your animal friends! ]


Gather your animal friends from the claw machine!
Animal friends come out wearing new concept costumes for each machine!
And if you have a duplicate animal friend,
you can synthesize it and bring another animal friend!
Let's hurry up and go see the various sides of our animal friends!


[ Three! Let's see their daily stories! ]


If you play games, you can watch cartoons about your animal friends' daily lives!
When you play games, you can see how your friends are doing!
Let's take a look at your friends' stories right now!


I recommend 'Claw Machine Catch The Freinds' for these people!


- Who likes easy-to-manipulate games
- Who likes cute characters
- Who likes simple cartoons
- Who wants something you can do when you're bored
- Anyone looking for something fun to do alone
- Who wants to get refreshed by playing games
- Who likes collecting characters
- Who likes the claw machine


Claw Machine - Welcome to Catch The Friends!